Our company, SL-FORG Industrial Trade and Service Ltd. was established in 2014.Our main activity is steel structure and precision parts design and manufacturing.

Our company started more than 20 years ago as a private enterprise, which has been transformed into a business enterprise as needs and business expectations evolved.
Our business is mainly determined by decades of professional experience, reliability, accuracy and transparency.

We are proud that with the growth of our business and the modernization of our manufacturing technology we have managed to maintain a reliable business structure to the highest satisfaction of our current and future partners.

In 2019 we established ILANT Technology Ltd. to support the increased engineering needs of our partners.

In many cases, our clients turned to us for prototype design and production design needs, which necessitated the establishment of an engineering firm.

After its establishment we won 2 target machine design projects in a short time and we are continuously getting orders for prototype design of vacuum technology parts.

Production takes place in our factory in Hajdúböszörmény, with an area of over 800m2. Currently, we have a team of nearly 30 highly qualified professionals, all of whom contribute to the success and development of the business.

Our factory is currently equipped to carry out customized, miniature and small batch orders, but complementing our own manufacturing capacity with our co-operation partners we are able to serve our customers to the utmost satisfaction.

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We are proud of the fact that the parts manufactured at our factory are used in many countries in Europe including Switzerland and the UK, furthermore in the USA and Canada.