Quality Policy

SL-FORG Ltd Quality Policy

The management of SL-FORG Ltd. attaches great importance on strengthening the competitiveness of the company.

In our day-to-day business , we have a constant goal of delivering consistently high-quality, optimal profit activity supported by effective marketing efforts.

We are aware that only a constantly evolving company can meet the ever-increasing demands.

The management of the company considers that our customers should always be satisfied with the quality of our metalworking and assembled units, therefore our customer-centered approach is one of our key principles.

We need to take a direction that all of our employees can follow to ensure safe and effective operations in the future.

For this purpose the company operates a quality management system operating in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001 standard.

The management of the Company attaches great importance to the quality of our activities, and its continuous improvement is its top priority.

Our Principles:

We continuously provide the necessary personal and technical facilities to carry out our tasks.

The good reputation of the company and the organization of the work are always ensured by an experienced staff.

All our employees are committed to quality-oriented work, and we provide continuous training.

We strive to comply with the laws and standards related to our activities at all times.

We strive for a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and subcontractors, and in order to achieve our goals we expect them to identify with our endeavors.

We keep to the agreed deadlines, with reliable and responsible work.

The management applies a process-based approach and a risk-based mentality to the quality management system of the Company.

We operate a management system based on the management of the risks and opportunities related to our processes, taking into consideration the environment of the Company and the expectations and requirements of both partners.

The quality management system and the operating processes of the Ltd. are constantly being developed, and in view of the risks we set quality objectives, which are constantly reviewed for fulfillment.

The implementation of the quality policy is mandatory for all employees.